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An island nation, Singapore is modern and vibrant. It has a rich and multicultural heritage and offers a cosmopolitan and fast-paced lifestyle. Partner this with the number of world-class universities, Singapore is the perfect destination for international students looking for a unique and contemporary higher education experience.

Why Study in Singapore?

Singapore takes great pride in maintaining extremely high standards of teaching and learning. Singaporean universities also have a strong research focus. Many universities in Singapore have strong links with industry, meaning that you will be able to gain practical experience alongside your degree. This not only makes your time studying more interesting, but it can also mean that you will find employment more easily.

The country has a well developed educational system, providing numerous opportunities for international students. Education is a priority in Singapore and the nation is recognised as a ‘global schoolhouse’. A strong emphasis on education started when the British-based education system was introduced by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles (founder of the Singapore Institution, now known as the Raffles Institution) in 1823. Today Singapore is one of the leaders in higher education both in Asia and Worldwide.


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